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Welcome to the place where my work finds its home. Through this letter and pages, information about the books I have written, my future projects, and my actual self will be displayed. Stay up to the date with my upcoming endeavours and important news about my career.

About Donald

My experience as a writer is faithfully reflected in the 6 books that I have published so far: Growing up in Ghooli, Warren, Good Night Elizabeth, Tiffany, The Writer, The Unintended King.

My foray into different narrative styles and genres has made people of different profiles and ages find in my work a haven full of stories made to please them.


I was born on September 10, 1934, in Southern Cross, Western Australia. During my first ten years of life, I lived in a small community in Ghooli until my family went on an adventure that led us to move to Perth. There I settled down. In 2008 I married Ausilia, my second wife, who encouraged me to write. Previously I was married for almost 35 years to my first wife, Elizabeth. Since 2011, I have written six books: Growing up in Ghooli, Goodnight Elizabeth, Warren, Tiffany, The Writer, and now The Unintentional King. This last work earned me a Platinum Award for Seal of Excellence.


My latest book The Unintended King has been awarded Platinum Seal of excellence.

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